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Magic is in the Minerals

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Self-Heating Technology

Food-grade magnesium, iron, salt & absorbents activated by water

Self-Cooling Technology

Natural urea & absorbents activated by water

Self-Heating/Self-Cooling Technology

Set of 2 Stones & 4 Charges
Body level 2.0 & body level 1.0 facial blend & glacial blend

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Client Testimonials

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"At Two Rivers Salon & Spa we've been using thermabliss paraffin because it delivers the same high-end experience that our guests have come to expect from our business. After 15+ years of partnership, our guests specifically ask for "the paraffin pedicure" and look forward to the warm soothing indulgence that thermabliss provides. Not only do our guests love the warm, velvety, and vitamin infused paraffin but our service providers also love the easy-to-use system and moreover that they can provide the highest quality services anywhere without needing electrical outlets."

Zack Zanders

Salon & Spa Director

"Today I did six of them – every single client loved it. It was a totally different experience, making them and putting them on the client. The temperature was perfect. Everyone felt the luxurious result, and everyone commented they love it."

Jane Mann

Skin by Jane Mann

"We are so happy to hear from you, and so happy to have this new system! We are very happy with it, as well as with the quality of the product. We have lots of good reviews from clientele as well as the therapists and stylists who use this product on the clientele! Thank you so much for all of your help and professionalism, with your education on the line and products it led us to a good decision for our Spa! We are so glad that we chose to do business with ya'll! Have a great week!!"

Morgan Poulin

The Willcox Spa

"Smells amazing and very beneficial. A therapist suggested this modality and I am so grateful to find this product. No use of a steamer and the heat lasts for a good amount of time."

Jennifer M

"My client loved the experience. I will buy again. My hands didn't hurt after doing the session. It allows me to give compression, vibration, and rolling up the muscle without extensive energy from my arms. The heat lasted 2 hours consistently. This is a winner."

Amanda M



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