Value Creation

Value Creation

Operational, Financial, Branding, HR, Wellbeing & Esthetic Benefits

thermabliss Self-Heating tools seamlessly elevate the client and therapist experience, management efficiency, increase revenues, while reducing costs and risk

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Operational & Financial

Lower Operating Costs with Increased Revenue & Profits

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Recover Time & Resources

  • 60+ Minutes of Revenue Generation Time
  • 2+ Cubic Feet of Counter Space
  • Occupied Electrical Outlets

Reduce Costs & Risk

  • Labor Cost on Every Cleaning
  • Cost of Service Provider Injuries
  • Cost of Electricity & Water
  • Hassle of Hand-Cleaning Stones & Appliances
  • Heat & Humidity Discomfort
  • Unsightly Appliances Clutter
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Standout Branding

Elevate Services with Self-Heating Technology Earn
Client Respect & Loyalty

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HR, Wellbeing & Financial

Self-Heating Ergonomic Massage Tools Protect Therapists

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Eliminate Electrical Appliances for More Esthetic Treatment Rooms

Safe and Sustainable, Cost-Effective, Sanitary, Client-Exclusive, Simple.