Self-Heating Stones

Maximize client touch time and eliminate wasted effort spent cycling standard hot stones. This versatile enhancement therapy allows multiple modalities: trigger point, reflexology (hands, feet), spot therapy (neck, head), and full-body services. Use of the ergonomic thermabliss Stone helps reduce therapist stress, strain and injury, while extending careers. Uniform in size and thickness for easy heat management.
  • Stones (Set of 2) – non-porous, durable black porcelain, multi-featured ergonomic massage tool
Using just two (2) non-porous Stones and natural mineral Charges, massage therapists are empowered to deliver safe and gentle, radiant heat continuously and precisely for up to 90-minute services with no loss of client touch-time. On-demand warmth using only sustainable, proprietary compounds of food-grade minerals (i.e., iron, magnesium and salt – three of Mother Earth’s most abundant minerals) and absorbents that, once poured into the Stones and activated with tap water, form a self-heating, non-toxic, compostable gel. thermabliss Stones sanitize and disinfect in under two minutes by simply shaking the minerals into a trash can, cleaning with a disinfectant wipe and letting dry for a minute prior to beginning the next service. Handcrafted of the same minerals as stones found nature (i.e., quartz, feldspar, kaolin, and clays) and kiln-fired to 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit to become non-porous and durable, each thermabliss Stone is engineered for professionals with innovative massage tool features, including:
  • 1. CROWN SURFACE: 2” x 3” broad side for maximum heat distribution into the larger areas
  • 2. TRIGGER POINT: Unique thumb/knob feature for heated release of trigger points during deep tissue work
  • 3. THE GUA SHA EDGE: 3” powerful edge feature for stripping the facia, and a lifting, sculpting gua sha tool
  • 4. LONG ROUNDED SIDE: 3” effective long curved side for distributing heat to heavily muscled areas
  • 5. BALL END: 1 ¼” ball end for heated deep tissue work and general thermal wellness
  • 6. CAP SIDE SURFACE: 3 ½” flat side with silicone cap for additional textured heat distribution thermabliss advantages over traditional hot stones:
  • Non-Porous Stones for Sanitary, Client-Exclusive Massage Services
  • Sanitize & Disinfect in Under 60 Seconds | Back-to-Back Services | Quick & Stress-Free
  • Self-Heating Mineral Technology, H2O Activated
  • Continuous Radiant Heat for 100% Client Touch-Time – Better, Higher Value Treatments
  • Just 2 Stones per 90-Minute Service with All Key Massage Tool Features and Superior Ergonomics
  • No Electrical Appliances, Batteries or Cables
  • Lightweight and Portable for Enhancements On-Demand – literally anywhere.

Self-Heating & Cooling Charges

Our industry’s rapid transformation, with its elevated emphasis on sanitation and mobility, requires tools that meet both criteria. Welcome to thermabliss. Sanitary, client-exclusive premium warm or chilled thermal wellness treatments activate with water, last the duration of the service, and are completely mobile – requiring no electrical appliances.

Every soothing heated or chilled massage begins when you select two of the non-porous thermabliss massage tools – Ceramic Stone, Natural Cowrie Shell, Natural Codacia Shell, or Ceramic Codacia Shell.

Then select one of four thermabliss Charges, containing a distinct mixture of mineral energy technology. The magic is in the minerals. This breakthrough technology uses a powerful, patented blend of magnesium, iron, and salt that simply activates with water.

4 Charges in distinct heat levels for body, face and enhancements:
  • Facial Blend (Mild Heat – up to 60 minutes)
  • Body Level 1.0 (Medium Heat – up to 90 minutes)
  • Body Level 2.0 (High Heat – up to 110 minutes)
  • Glacial Blend (Chill Therapy – up to 60 minutes)

Each specific charge delivers a radiant, soothing, and effective dose of heated or chilled therapy.

Body Level 2.0

Our most potent charge for medium to high heat massage and body treatments lasting up to 90 minutes.

Body Level 1.0

Ideal for 60-90 minute massage and body treatments at low-medium heat.

Facial Blend

This mild blend lasts up to 60 minutes for facial treatments, stimulating the skin’s natural healing processes of vasodilation and hydration. This blend is a powerful alternative to facial steamers, opening pores and allowing for optimum topical penetration. The Facial Blend can also be used in body treatments for clients sensitive to heat.

Glacial Blend

On the chilled spectrum, use the Glacial Blend for vasoconstriction to minimize puffiness and swelling, soothe and cool overheated skin, and close pores at the end of a spicy treatment. Use the Glacial Blend in conjunction with any of the heated charges for contrast therapy.

Self-Heating Poultice

Long-lasting thermabliss mineral energy combines exquisitely with the ancient art of moist Thai herbal compression massage for unsurpassed Heat-Crafted spa experiences.  Sensuous natural herbs, exotic spices, delicate flowers, all wrapped in fine muslin and steeped, blend to form a powerful herbal tea elixir.  Activates in only 3 minutes with warm water and lasts for 60+ minutes.  Delightful gift with service that clients can take home for one personal use in bath or self-massage. Detox & Energize Encourages emotional and physical well-being, improves circulation, relieves stress and fatigue for a recharged massage experience. *Each Self-Heating Poultice is handmade. Muslin fabric color and texture may vary.
View Self-Heating Poultice training video below.

Self-Heating Facial Mask

This heat-infused mask leverages patented thermabliss mineral energy to speed the time to efficacy of your facial treatments, while hydrating to soften fine lines and relax your client.  Self-heating mineral energy stimulates the skin’s natural processes of hydration, vasodilation, and drives molecular acceleration of your chosen skin care products.  Versatile dual-sided mask offers a moist application and dry occluse mask.  For use in-room or remote locations.  Activates in 2 minutes with warm water.

View Self-Heating Facial Mask training video below.

Self-Heating Paraffin Treatment

thermabliss Paraffin is a client-exclusive, self-heating, premium moisturizing treatment for hands and feet in medical-grade mitts and booties, each with its own sanitation seal. thermabliss physiotherapeutic-grade paraffin is infused with Swiss Green Apple Stem CellGrape Seed OilGreen, and White Tea Extract Antioxidants along with Vitamins A, B, C, and E. Every thermabliss treatment includes a humidifying aromatherapy experience in choice of AromaVapor®:
  • Lavender– Relaxing
  • Invigorate – Sweet & Pungent (blend of eucalyptus, peppermint, spearmint and mandarin orange) 
  • Neutral – Unscented
Each self-heating treatment uses sustainable natural mineral energy (i.e., iron, magnesium and salt) activated with the AromaVapor Liquid Activator. Eliminates the the need for electricity, cables or appliances to deliver total portability. Important: thermabliss® Paraffin products and PerfectSense® Paraffin products are NOT compatible with one another. To purchase PerfectSense Paraffin, please contact us directly*

Paraffin Heating Chamber

These compact natural wood heating chambers use a patented mineral heater pouch activated by AromaVapor Liquid Activator to melt client-exclusive thermabliss hands and feet paraffin treatments in just 6 minutes! No electricity or batteries required. These sanitary treatments eliminate double-dipping, drips, and cross-contamination. Perfect temperature treatments are guaranteed every time with proprietary vertical drip wax technology. Includes 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. Dimensions: 3.5" x 8" footprint