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Why Divine Eyes Self-Heating Mask?

Divine Eyes help alleviate a range of health and beauty conditions, including dry and tired eyes, headaches, insomnia, stress, as well as under-eye bags and fine lines. The masks can also be used as an effective anti-ageing eye treatment. Gently tap your favorite eye serum around the eye, place the mask on top and the warmth in the mask will help your skin to absorb the product resulting in rehydrated, softer skin


An effective back bar product that enhances any service experience while simultaneously driving a profitable retail component as an attractive gift-with-service.


Divine Eyes is a lovely self-care retail solution using air activated natural minerals in a self-warming mask. Delivering 30-minutes of soothing relaxation to the eyes and forehead, it helps reduce forehead tension, eye strain, and headaches, including migraines. It also assists in inducing sleep for those who suffer from insomnia and aids as a solution to dry eyes.


It is perfectly suited for use on the airplane, to sleep in over the weekend, or to steal a quick nap.


  • Ideal for anyone working long hours staring at a computer screen
  • Great for anyone with broken sleep patterns
  • Perfect for sufferers of migraines, tension or hormonal headaches
  • Great for frequent travelers needing to rest and unwind away from home
  • Can be used for massage, meditation and yoga sessions to block out light
  • An excellent relaxation aid for menopausal women
  • Can be used by all the family aged 5+

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