Okay, you’ve mastered the hot stone massage modality, now what? Reimaging how you manage your massage stone practice can quickly, and easily, free up the amount of time spent preparing and cleaning the hot stones, ultimately improving your bottom line.

When costing out a hot stone service, it is necessary to account for the labor costs of setting up the stone heater, placing the stones in the heater, adding water, adjusting the heat to achieve the correct temperature, not to mention another 30 minutes or so for cleanup.

Keeping these issues in mind, while also keeping sanitation a primary goal, we reimagined the self-heating technology used for the PerfectSense Paraffin system to create a self-heating massage implement.  We truly wanted to “leave the stone age behind” and develop a product that would allow therapists the ability to incorporate heat into their treatments, whether mobile or in a spa setting, without needing electricity or batteries.  Self-heating stones allow for many freedoms…the elimination of a heater, the reduction of long clean times with porous stones, as well as the need for many stones to perform a single service.

Almost universally, massage is the most popular spa service.  Creating upgrades, and especially making them easy to add-on “in treatment”, is one way to increase your spa’s profitability.  With an activation time of only 8-10 minutes for a self-heating stone to get warm, a hot stone upgrade can now be incremental revenue for your spa, with much less hassle.

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