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Therapists are freed from a multitude of stones and external electrical appliances to deliver continuous heat.  The result is dramatically increased touch-time for a superior client experience. Let advanced thermabliss technology increase client loyalty, profits, and therapist wellbeing at the same time.


Every soothing heated or chilled massage begins when you select two of the non-porous thermabliss massage tools – Ceramic Stone or Porcelain Shell.


Then select one of four (4) thermabliss Charges, containing a distinct mixture of mineral energy technology. Our three (3) heated charges use a powerful, patented blend of magnesium, iron, and salt while our one (1) cooling charge uses a blend of natural Ureum (urea) and absorbents. All of our charges simply activate with water and deliver a radiant, soothing, and effective dose of heated or chilled therapy. 


 4 Charges in distinct heat levels for body, face and enhancements:

  • Body Level 2.0 (High Heat – up to 110 minutes)
  • Body Level 1.0 (Medium Heat – up to 90 minutes)
  • Facial Blend (Mild Heat – up to 60 minutes)
  • Glacial Blend (Chill Therapy – up to 45 minutes)

Each specific charge delivers a radiant, soothing, and effective dose of heated or chilled therapy.

Body Level 2.0
Our most potent charge for medium to high heat massage and body treatments lasting up to 110 minutes.
Body Level 1.0
Ideal for 60-90 minute massage and body treatments at low-medium heat.
Facial Blend
This mild blend lasts up to 60 minutes for facial treatments, stimulating the skin’s natural healing processes of vasodilation and hydration. This blend is a powerful alternative to facial steamers, opening pores and allowing for optimum topical penetration. The Facial Blend can also be used in body treatments for clients sensitive to heat.
Glacial Blend
On the chilled spectrum, use the Glacial Blend for vasoconstriction to minimize puffiness and swelling, soothe and cool overheated skin, and close pores at the end of a spicy treatment. Use the Glacial Blend in conjunction with any of the heated charges for contrast therapy.

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