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Maximize client touch time and eliminate wasted effort spent cycling standard hot stones. This versatile enhancement therapy allows multiple modalities: trigger point, reflexology (hands, feet), spot therapy (neck, head), and full-body services. Use of the ergonomic thermabliss Stone helps reduce therapist stress, strain and injury, while extending careers. Uniform in size and thickness for easy heat management.

  • Stones (Set of 2) – non-porous, durable black porcelain, multi-featured ergonomic massage tool

Using just two (2) non-porous Stones and natural mineral Charges, massage therapists are empowered to deliver safe and gentle, radiant heat continuously and precisely for up to 90-minute services with no loss of client touch-time. On-demand warmth using only sustainable, proprietary compounds of food-grade minerals (i.e., iron, magnesium and salt – three of Mother Earth’s most abundant minerals) and absorbents that, once poured into the Stones and activated with tap water, form a self-heating, non-toxic, compostable gel. thermabliss Stones sanitize and disinfect in under two minutes by simply shaking the minerals into a trash can, cleaning with a disinfectant wipe and letting dry for a minute prior to beginning the next service. Handcrafted of the same minerals as stones found nature (i.e., quartz, feldspar, kaolin, and clays) and kiln-fired to 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit to become non-porous and durable, each thermabliss Stone is engineered for professionals with innovative massage tool features, including:

  • 1. CROWN SURFACE: 2” x 3” broad side for maximum heat distribution into the larger areas
  • 2. TRIGGER POINT: Unique thumb/knob feature for heated release of trigger points during deep tissue work
  • 3. THE GUA SHA EDGE: 3” powerful edge feature for stripping the facia, and a lifting, sculpting gua sha tool
  • 4. LONG ROUNDED SIDE: 3” effective long curved side for distributing heat to heavily muscled areas
  • 5. BALL END: 1 ¼” ball end for heated deep tissue work and general thermal wellness
  • 6. CAP SIDE SURFACE: 3 ½” flat side with silicone cap for additional textured heat distribution thermabliss advantages over traditional hot stones:
  • Non-Porous Stones for Sanitary, Client-Exclusive Massage Services
  • Sanitize & Disinfect in Under 60 Seconds | Back-to-Back Services | Quick & Stress-Free
  • Self-Heating Mineral Technology, H2O Activated
  • Continuous Radiant Heat for 100% Client Touch-Time – Better, Higher Value Treatments
  • Just 2 Stones per 90-Minute Service with All Key Massage Tool Features and Superior Ergonomics
  • No Electrical Appliances, Batteries or Cables
  • Lightweight and Portable for Enhancements On-Demand – literally anywhere.

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