My perception of myself is that I’m pretty open minded and flexible. I see myself as expanding instead of resisting in life, including accepting new ideas and concepts.

But, truth is: I’m really pretty cynical, especially if something sounds gimmicky, or if I feel someone is trying to “sell me a bill of goods.”  I try not to live in a black and white world, nor pass judgement without first doing research. By doing this, I can decide if it makes sense to me.

So, today I find myself exploring and researching “Booze Infused Spa Treatments.” On the surface, they sound like just another marketing gimmick to me.  But guess what? Those “gimmicky” spa treatments really do have therapeutic benefits!

In and of itself, the alcohol in those “booze infused” services has antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Then, when ingredients like the yeast in beer are added, additional benefits of skin regeneration, softening of the skin and improved elasticity are added to the list.  Dark, stout beer actually also re-hydrates the skin.

Wine has been used for several years now in treatment products—the grapes used in making the wine offer the body powerful anti-oxidants and also smooth and improve skin tone. The therapeutic properties of the grapes also improve circulation in the body.

Scotch Whiskey contains “phytomalt,” which is a malt extract that is full of sugar, minerals and B6. These ingredients offer anti-inflammatory and hydrating properties to the body.

Then, we come to tequila (which has recently reclaimed its popularity in the bar scene). The main ingredient in tequila is agave, which offers sun stressed skin relief and regeneration, while also purifying the skin.

So, I guess it is technically true that it is always “Happy Hour” when you are at the spa, especially if you choose a “booze infused” treatment!

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