I’ve been an educator for quite some time now & not too much surprises me anymore. I have been very busy recently traveling and offering continuing education classes to Florida massage therapists. For a continuing education provider in Florida, this is essentially “high season”, since the renewal deadline is August 31, 2013. I read an article in a spa trade magazine that 75-80% massage therapists wait until the last 2-3 months prior to deadline to fulfill their education requirements. From what I’ve been experiencing lately, I would say it could very possibly be a higher percentage than that. I am hearing frantic panic on the other end of the phone…..

As a massage therapist in Florida, we renew our licenses every two years, and have 24 months in which to satisfy the state requirements. Why then, do so many therapists wait until the 11th hour and then need to scramble to find continuing education classes in the area in which they live? I realize that we all get busy with life and pursuing our careers, but at what point did so many of us lose the enthusiasm to continue learning about something that we initially chose because we have a passion to help someone feel better?

I’ve seen so many pictures on facebook this past week of young children posing for their first day of school picture, and they radiate excitement and enthusiasm.  It stirs up emotion in me—I have received phone calls from therapists wanting to attend one of my classes, and when I begin describing the subject matter, they’re not even interested in the topic. To sum it up, they are only concerned with satisfying the state requirements; and my class works for their schedule, is convenient, and the cost is reasonable.

I realize that I can’t control someone else’s motivations nor their procrastination. My hope, as an educator, is that I get to see a renewed spark of enthusiasm and excitement at some point during one of my classes, much like the little faces I’ve been seeing on facebook this week. Even though I may be “teaching”, the learning environment certainly renews my spirit—It is safe to say that I receive, at least as much, as I give!

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