The harsh lesson that I’ve learned most recently is: just because I deny it and refuse to give it energy, doesn’t mean it’s not there or that I have the power and control to make it go away.

Do I believe in this philosophy of “what I give attention to grows?” Absolutely! In most instances….however, when my body is repeatedly telling me that I need to consult with a physician instead of attempting to ignore and/or meditate the situation away, then I might just need to sit up and pay attention. I just might need to seek professional guidance.

You see, I have been diagnosed with what is called Supraventricular tachycardia <SVT> (my heart races), and it has been getting progressively worse, to the point that it was actually beating twice as fast as the normal resting rate. And, my blood pressure was dangerously high as well.

I’m a healthy human being—I eat healthy, I exercise regularly, I don’t smoke, I practice yoga, I get regular massages…. and up until this week have not been taking ANY prescription meds (only vitamin and herbal supplements). So, how can this happen?  That is what my mind kept telling me, which actually could have caused very serious health issues for me had I not decided to seek professional guidance.

I am not unlike many individuals in the wellness industry—I believe in maintaining a healthy lifestyle as a means of being a healthy individual. That philosophy has not changed for me, just because I have made a decision to accept a Western medicine approach in assisting me with being able to continue performing at optimum level.

I know I must not be alone in this struggle of acceptance…..

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