I like to laugh—and, anyone who knows me well will confirm that tidbit of information. In fact, sometimes I get downright naughty and goofy, especially when I get bored or antsy, just to make myself and others around me—LAUGH!

Come to find out, laughter not only lightens the mood and possibly the situation, but it can also lighten the pounds showing on the scale. Did you know that five (5) minutes of laughter burns 25 calories? Well, of course, you would need to laugh for 200 minutes to burn off that 1,000 calorie Whopper, but it’s a lot more fun than working out vigorously! At least for me, it is…..

I just spent the past six ( 6) days with one of my all-time best buddies—we spent so much time in full belly laughter that we determined the laughter offset the fried foods, candy bars and just, in general, junk food that we consumed!

We laughed exuberantly like a couple of five (5) year olds almost the entire time.  I read an article recently that said an adult laughs an average of seventeen (17) times a day. I feel safe in saying that we most likely laughed at least five (5) to six (6) times that amount.

We were attending a four (4) day Qi Gong activation seminar. All of the energy (Qi) that was activated within each of us bubbled up into the throat and laughter—what a blessing! I came home fatigued but rejuvenated, not only from the Qi Gong workshop, but also all of the healing laughter that I was blessed to share with my bestie! I encourage you to try it—it may prevent a Dr. visit and also assist in keeping those additional pounds from settling into our hips…..Find a friend and giggle like a five (5) old—your face and body will THANK YOU!

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