I’ve needed to change my verbiage—not only internally, but also when instructing therapists in how to recommend  home care and spa menu service selection. We do not “sell”—as professionals, we “recommend.”

I recently taught the continuing education classes, Sacred Bambu and Lava Shell Massage (both using Spa Revolutions’ self heating technology) in Orlando.  It is such an awesome and rewarding experience to have therapists in class that genuinely are interested in making themselves more marketable by increasing the tools in their professional tool box. The more diversity and variety of options we can offer our clients, the more marketable we become. And, when we feel passionate about those offerings, it makes it just so much easier to recommend a specific service to the client. If we are also educated regarding the benefits of the specific modality, then we can also, with knowledge, recommend home care so that the client will continue the process of self care once he/she leaves our place of business.

I just now saw this quote on Facebook  from The Marketing Spot-Small Business Marketing:

“The purpose of your business is not to sell stuff. It is to help people get something they want.

You are not a product or a service. You are a promise to help people get something they want.”

My response to this quote is: My promise as a Massage Therapist, Skincare Therapist & Continuing Education Provider is to help people get something they want. And, if they don’t even know what that is, it is my job to assist them in making a decision and choice. Hopefully, as a professional, you feel the same…..

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