I entered the world of spa totally out of necessity—I graduated from massage school and, because of life altering changes in my world, needed an immediate income. I was blessed that one spa in particular hired me, even with my inexperience. For that I will be forever grateful.

What I found within the spa world was that it was an excellent fit for me. I become bored easily and need diversity in my day—the spa offers that because of so many different menu options. During my years in the spa industry, I have been extremely fortunate to meet some incredible individuals who have offered me some awesome opportunities. One such group of individuals is the staff at Spa Revolutions—they have steadily shown their confidence in me by offering opportunities that I would never have even known to pursue on my own.

Most recently, I have had the pleasure of offering input on the research & development of their latest technology, the Lava Bambu.  Once again, this company steps out from the pack by offering cutting edge technology that the client and therapist both love. For the therapist, it makes life so much easier, especially in the whirlwind of the spa environment. For the client, he/she enjoys the pleasure of a heated massage like no other. And for me personally, I get to enjoy the involvement & excitement of introducing this amazing new technology. What a cool & blessed life I have—the opportunity to do what I love! What started as a necessity has evolved into a passion—life is good!

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