Do I have balance in my life? For the first time in a very long time, I feel the answer is “yes”.  It is good for me to reflect on this question from time to time, so that I can take note if I’m giving any one thing in my life too much energy. It is such a delicate juggling act, isn’t it?

You see, I work from home and I LOVE to play—this sometimes is a dilemma for me. It is difficult at times to keep my focus and discipline on work when the beach is calling out to me from less than a block away. I can literally hear the waves from my upstairs porch. If I listen very closely, it sounds as if those waves are actually calling my name!

I’ve also become very involved in a non-profit organization, Massage Without Borders. The mission of this organization speaks to my heart like no other organization I’ve been involved with in the past.

Like so many of us, I also have family and friends that I enjoy having in my life.

So…who gets what, when and how much? As for me, I’ve needed to put structure in my day so that I get the work done (my business is as successful as I make it), have time to reward myself with play, make time for the volunteer work that I love, and for the family and friends that I love. Structure for me, boundaries with others….sometimes, I find that I need to say the word “NO” (or “not yet”) but with a gentle, loving voice— not only to others, but also within myself.

BALANCE= A state of bodily equilibrium–a harmonious or satisfying arrangement…..

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