Who says shell massage is only for the body? We can all agree, a Lava Shell gliding down your back is the ultimate in relaxation!  But, a warm shell is equaling relaxing on tense jaw muscles, brow bones and temples.

The Shell Facial is not only blissfully relaxing, it delivers a two-fisted punch! The gentle heat of Lava Shells relaxes the face and allows for easy manipulation of the connective tissue.  The cold therapy of Glacial Shells helps reduce facial inflammation, constrict large pores, and hydrate the skin.  When gently massaged on the face and neck, the shells not only stimulate circulation and eliminate toxins, but skin is firmed, toned and excess fluid is removed.

Assess your client’s needs and design the perfect Shell Facial protocol. Gently massage in between the eyes to help clear headaches.  Work the shells underneath the eyes to reduce puffiness and tension lines. Or, apply light pressure on the cheeks and nasal cavities to help clear sinus congestion.

Perfect for any skin type, Lava and Glacial Shells can be used with any skin care line to increase the skin’s absorption, carrying nutrients deeper into the skin. The luxurious technique of shell massage combined with your “go-to” serums, masks, and moisturizers, creates a tranquil and truly integrated sensory experience with immediate, visible results.

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