Our largest organ, skin, is a fascinatingly complicated system and deserves some TLC every now and then. A visit to the spa is a welcoming opportunity to address skin care concerns.  While a facial may be your first thought, pay attention to your hands, too!

Our hands work hard and can often suffer from strain and over-exertion, which results in muscle tension. Paraffin and other moist heated treatments offer many benefits and are more comfortable than dry heat, which draws out moisture from the body and may leave the skin even more dehydrated.

Warming treatment mitts are therapy for your hands….dilating the blood vessels of the muscles surrounding the pain and increasing the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the affected area.  Many ailments including arthritis, carpal tunnel, and poor circulation can benefit from the improved flexibility and soothing relief of such treatments.

In addition, deeper penetration of topicals is encouraged, cuticles are softened, and softer, more supple hands will emerge!

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