With the New Year upon us, is it time that your spa treatment menu could use a revamp? Now is the perfect time to assess your menu while asking some simple, yet important questions!   Does your treatment menu properly represent your spa?  Is your menu effective at selling at your treatments?   Do you have treatments that are not selling?  (If you answered yes, replace them with new options!)

Whether your clientele are repeats or newbies, the ideal menu will pique interest and motivate the reader to schedule an appointment right then and there! A well designed and structured menu will make a great impression.  Start off your menu with a kind welcome statement, followed by treatment descriptions that focus on the client’s benefits.  Further promote your services as “client experiences” with corresponding images that tell a story of your treatment.

When it comes to pricing your services, create a price list insert card. This will allow you to update pricing without replacement the entire menu.

When planning your menu, pay attention to treatments that can be upgraded. Almost universally, massage is the most popular service.  Create upgrades for your most demanded services, and make it easy for your guest to upgrade in-treatment.  Have a pair of Lava Shells and/or Self-Heating Hot Stones in each room.  With an activation time of less than 10 minutes, you can enhance any massage by adding heat to the treatment…and, you can demand a higher price point, with very little labor involved!

Lastly, less is more. Keep your menu simple by limiting the number of treatments.  A clean and organized menu will make it much easier for the reader to identify treatments and select the one (or two!) that appeals to them.

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