In years gone by, the French custom was to burn bonfires for victories and celebrations, thus “feu de joie” or “fire of joy.”  Possibly, this contributed to the birth of fireworks on New Year’s Eve—a celebration of a beginning and also of an ending.

The beginning of a new year does seem an appropriate time to reflect on what we feel we have accomplished in the prior year (and possibly what we would prefer to let go of in order to move forward); and also a time to set an intention of what we would like to carry forward into the New Year.

For me, this past year has been a time of stillness—a true “ coming into myself” wholly and learning to just “be” and not needing to be constantly entertained/ stimulated, or needing to be hustling after something constantly. I knew when I moved to the beach last year that my life was being transformed into a much slower pace in a physical sense, but what I didn’t know is that it would have such a transformative effect internally.

I actually didn’t know until very recently that what I have been experiencing has a buzz word attached to it—-mindfulness.  And, that it seems to be more than just a trend— It seems to be what our culture is craving as a whole, according to Marianne Williamson, author of A RETURN TO LOVE, in her interview with Oprah on Super Soul Sunday.

Because I didn’t have the opportunity to burn a “feu de joie” on New Year’s  Day (which has become a tradition in our household these past several years), I will participate in the ritual today—-letting go of what no longer enhances me as a person and the life I choose to have,  in order to continue moving forward as the person I am becoming! And, celebrating  the process…..

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