FINALLY! There seems to be a trend occurring that I can participate in fully! It seems the trend this holiday season is: No More Stuff!

I have been of this mind set for many years now, and while I don’t typically make my own decisions based on trends, it is really quite refreshing for me to read and hear from friends/family that they are jumping on board with this philosophy. I am hearing more and more that folks are choosing to gift an experience in substitution of stuff. Stuff that will very possibly be tucked away in a closet, and maybe  even be re-gifted at some later date.

If you ask the question before purchasing: How are these purchases going to enhance my loved ones lives?  If the answer is: IT WILL… then by all means please purchase the stuff. But, if the answer is: IT WON’T…then why not try something  different ?

Why not spend the money you would’ve spent on “stuff” purchasing an experience to be shared with those friends/family instead? Something that you can enjoy together….After all, isn’t that truly what the holiday season is all about?? Time shared with loved ones…..

It makes me feel that I’ve done something VERY RIGHT when both of my grown sons ask for a family zoo membership as their gifts this year….they have placed more value on having fun experiences together than on things—yay!

And, my significant other has asked for a day at the spa together—yay again! Now, that’s definitely a win-win gift because that is also one of my very favorite things to do!!!

This past week I lost one of my very dearest friends to cancer. She only lived 6 weeks after being diagnosed, and fortunately I was able to go spend some time with her. What a blessing to have had her in my life—she loved unconditionally to a degree I had never experienced,  and  I have always felt it a privilege to call her “Friend”.  As we talked very openly about the end of her road on this planet, she conveyed to me in no uncertain terms that her memories were her most treasured belongings, not things! And, those memories were created from sharing experiences with loved ones along the way….HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!

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