Did you know that some carrier oils are more suitable for use during a heated massage?

Some of these oils, such as Avocado, Grape Leaf and Safflower have a high thermal tolerance. These oils, which also just happen to be some of the carrier oils used in the BE Exotic massage oil (blended by Spa Revolutions) can be used effectively and safely in a heated massage, such as the Lava Shells or Lava Bambu, without concern of the oil overheating and emitting an offensive odor. In addition to the carrier oils listed above, sesame oil is included in the blend, which has natural warming and penetrating properties.

As the heat from the shell or bambu makes contact with and activates the aroma oils of green tea and mango (selected for the BE Exotic blend), the client experiences the physiological effects of aromatherapy, while enjoying the physical effects of the heated massage.

High quality massage oils don’t just become blended by accident. You can be rest assured that a tremendous amount of knowledge, experience, and research is involved in blending a quality oil that is intended for a specific purpose such as heated massage.

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