Exactly what does “being green” mean? It is so much more than just a catch phrase and simply jumping on the bandwagon in order to persuade consumer opinion. It is a commitment—a long term commitment of reducing our impact on the environment. As a consumer, it is our own responsibility to research a company and their products/supplies to ensure that they are not just “talking the talk” of being green. If it is a priority and we choose to be good citizens of the world, then we must also choose our products/supplies that are eco-friendly. We need to be discerning and choose a company that also “walks the walk” of being green.

Did you know that the self heating technology ingredients for the Lava Shells and Lava Bambu are made from a natural synergy of ocean inspired elements, that combines minerals, black lava, dried sea kelp, and algae? And, that even the packaging is bio-degradable?

We have many choices in the massage/spa industry when it comes to product/supply selections, so why not choose natural elements? It just makes good sense and feels good, too!

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