Did you know that 47% of spa goers today are male, according to ISPA (International Spa Association) surveys?

Guys today have recognized that they no longer need to sneak secretly through the back door of the spa, in order to take good care of themselves. So why not even create a themed Guys Night at the Spa (such as game night) & include typical sports related snacks and drinks, instead of cucumber sandwiches and infused/flavored water?

If you haven’t already, you may want to re-think and re-vamp your spa menu to include male specific treatments, in order to expand your market . While you’re in the creative mode of structuring services specifically designed for guys, take a look at the Muscle Beach Massage for Men, exclusive to Spa Revolutions that uses heated Lava Shells and cooling Glacial shells, for the ultimate in both relaxation and muscle repair.

They will be so comfortable in your spa when you cater specifically to them, that they may just make it a regular occurrence….

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