I am not of the Jewish faith—however I read an article recently, written by a Jewish woman, that spoke to me. This particular lady wrote about what she and her family decided to do, and called it–“Technology Shabbat.”

Shabbat is the Hebrew name for Sabbath and is defined as a “joyful day of rest” or “to cease.” For most of us, we have created a hyper-connected evolution with technology. Technology has become both a blessing and a curse in our world today. Unless we consciously disconnect, we are unable to truly enjoy Shabbat. We are in a constant state of information overload, which creates a sensation of being an emotional pinball machine.

After reading her article, I mentioned to my significant other that I would like to participate in a “Technology Shabbat” together.  We have made an agreement and commitment to “unplug” one day a month (to begin with and hopefully increase to one day a week).  What we are realizing is that: without the distractions of television, computer, phones, IPAD, nook, etc., we are truly experiencing the essence of being present and focused in the moment. And, the valve that stores information overload has a chance to release some pressure, giving us a new perspective and allowing us to fully engage in our relationship and the world. It’s been like a mini-vacation for our minds.

We are an addictive society, as a whole. So many of us live— “if it’s good, more is better,” which actually contributes to the addiction by increasing levels of dopamine in our brains. In order to break the cycle of “technology addiction,” we must unplug regularly.  Why not try it? I find that I feel so much more relaxed, revived and rejuvenated after I’ve experienced Shabbat—and, I’ve realized that all of those messages can wait…my well being is worth pressing the pause button!

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